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Why Adopt
Why Adopt
Adopting a pet is one of the very best ways to bring more happiness into your world while saving the life of an animal in need.

When you adopt it makes space for another life to be saved!

When you adopt from Happy Paws Haven your pet is de-sexed, vaccinated, vet checked and micro-chipped.

Your adoption donation goes towards making sure your new friend is happy and healthy, and helps us save more lives.

In addition, adopting is the most effective way to break the cruel puppy factory supply chain and by offering your heart and home to a rescued animal, you will be enriching your life and saving theirs.

Have a look at some of the heart-warming magic our supporters have brought  to the lives of many homeless pets on our Facebook page where we invite all those who have adopted from us to share their stories of the beautiful pets they have given a second chance at life!

It is called “I adopted from Happy Paws Haven and saved a life”.

Choosing a pet to adopt can be a challenge! If you are thinking about extending your family with a four-legged friend, you need to think about the attributes that you would like to have in your new family member.

You need to think about your life style. Is it for you as a companion? Is it for the kids? Is it to get you outdoors? Maybe it is to protect you as you live alone.

Are you an active family?

How much time will you have for you new four legged friend?

All cats and dogs need to be with their humans inside at night. Will this be an issue?

Do you have a secure area for him/her to be?

Are there any specific breeds you are thinking about? If so what are they and have you researched there breed characteristics?

These are the main questions you should ask yourself before you consider getting a pet. It is as important as welcoming a new child into your life.

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