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Our Vision

  • Is to provide a safe place for the animals in our care
  • Is to be the best non-kill animal rehabilitation and re-homing sanctuary we can be
  • Is to provide healthy socialised animals for adoption matched to the attributes and lifestyle of loving adoptees
  • Is to be an essential part of the community
  • Is to assist families in crisis so they can keep their pets where possible
  • Is to educate the community
    • Importance of de-sexing
    • responsible pet ownership
    • Importance of training and continual enrichment
  • Is to provide short term visitor accommodation.

Our Mission

  • Our Mission is to provide a non-kill safe haven for abandoned and surrendered cats and dogs giving them the tools to enable them to find their special forever home measured number of cats and dogs rescued and rehomed.
  • Our Mission for the sanctuary is to be a model for other companion animal rescue organisations in Australia and to promote responsible pet owner ship and provide limited visitor accommodation measured by recommendations from vet clinics, those who have adopted, other animal welfare organisations and donations.
  • Our Mission  is to be an essential part of the community in which we serve, providing pathways back into the workforce and into the community through working with schools, colleges and community service organisations including families in crisis.

This is underpinned by the 6 domains of Animal Welfare
We safeguard animal welfare by:
  1. Nutrition - providing fresh water & good nutrition.
  2. Environment - providing an appropriate environment
  3. Health - providing veterinary treatment rapidly when required
  4. Appropriate Behaviour - providing sufficient space, proper facilities & company of the animal’s own kind.
  5. Positive Mental Experiences - providing safe, species appropriate opportunities to have pleasurable experiences.
  6. Freedom from unnecessary euthanasia
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