Belgian Shepherd Club of NSW

If you have stumbled over this site by chance you're probably wondering what on earth is a Belgian Shepherd Dog?

Belgians Shepherds are a fun-loving, loyal, intelligent breed of dog who thrive on attention. They love to be with you whether going for a drive, to the park, socialising with other dogs or just sitting by your side as your constant companion and protector. They are a working breed so they require regular exercise and mental stimulation. They excel in just about anything; family companion, obedience, agility, confirmation ring, herding, search and rescue, drug & bomb detection, even as seeing eye dogs.

There are four varieties of Belgian Shepherds. All should be identical in structure but differ through coat type and length.

Groenendael: long coated solid black

Tervueren: long coated red or grey with black overlay (fauve-charbonne) and black mask

Malinois: Short coated fawn with black overlay & black mask

Lakenois: Wire/rough coated fawn with traces of black mainly on the muzzle and tail

In all varieties a little white is tolerated on the fore chest and on the toes.