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Who are we?

Happy Paws Haven is a no-kill animal rescue and rehoming centre in Northern NSW which provides adoption or re-homing services throughout Australia. At Happy Paws Haven our primary focus is on the animals in our care.

We are essential part of the community which is demonstrated by:

  • Our work with schools and colleges,
  • We are run by volunteers
  • We provide the ability for community service
  • We provide work experience
  • We assist families with animals in crisis,
  • We educate the community about responsible pet ownership. 

HappyPaws Haven website is a web based resource for rescue groups and members of the public needing assistance in the re-homing of their animals.

Urgent Help Needed!

SOS Save Happy Paws Haven

For those out there lets join a prayer circle and pray for the good of the animals and the survival of Happy Paws Haven. This is a very critical time for us at the moment! Please DONATE help in the very worthwhile cause. The only non kill animal sanctuary between Newcastle and Tweed Heads! 

Our BSB is 633-000 and the account No. is 130786031.
The Account Name is Happy Paws Haven.
The account is with the Bendigo Bank, South Grafton Branch.

A tax deductible receipt will be sent for all donations.
We would like your contact details for the receipt.
Name, address and email as a minimum.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help save animals now! 
We have two litters in foster care that have no where to be at Happy Paws Haven because our kitten house is not ready! 

Our BSB 633000 Our account is 130786031, Our Account name is Happy Paws Haven.

Please share with all your friends so we can finish our new kitten house for our babies to be!

This year your unwavering support helped us continue our no-kill mission—and rescue, nurture and adopt out nearly 200 homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Inc.

Your help has allowed us purchase and install the kitten house but we still have some to go. We have refurbished the cattery! installed new dog facilities, we are modifying our kitten house and then we will need to furnish it, get new bowls, trays etc! Please help!

Your charitable donation will help us continue the critical hands-on work we do for the animals that come through our doors each day.
Please make a generous contribution today and together we will further our no-kill work in 2018 and well into the future.

We have already reduced our intake significantly 

We have been working hard to get this done!
We have no plans to increase numbers again at all.
We will not rescue or accept any more cats until we have achieved our goal!
 This will give us the opportunity to rebuild a centre of excellence.


Happy Paws Haven desparately needs your HELP Please

Every day thousands of cats & dogs in Australia are abandoned or surrendered. Those in who come into our care are given safe haven until they find a new home no matter how long that takes.  
Be a Happy Paws Haven Super Hero!

We have less than four weeks until Christmas!
Last Year with your help we made a difference to approximately 200 cats and dogs by finding them loving forever homes and this year we hope to do the same but we are running out of funds to do so.
Due to your generosity, we were able to rescue just over 202 cats and dogs. We desexed them all, vet checked them all, vaccinated them all, made sure they were regularly treated for parasites, and protected against heartworm bearing mosquitoes. Every one of them visited the vet at least once.
All our fur babies were fed with premium grain-free holistic kibble to ensure they receive the best nutrients they needed to give them a foundation for rehabilitation ready for their new homes. With your help they were socialised and loved, so they were no longer afraid of people and became more affectionate. They played with others of their species again so they were better prepared for their new homes.
It costs us $10.20 to provide a day’s care (shelter, food, veterinary care) for a homeless pet in our sanctuary. It costs us an additional $15 per month or 50 cents per day per animal in our care to protect them from fleas, mites, heart worm and all intestial worms except tapeworm. Every 3 months we give the dogs all wormer tablets and the cats Profender as required by their weight.

We have a problem we need your help to continue.
The holiday is on us, we have already had many requests for help; we have puppies and kittens waiting to be desexed and vaccinated but we do not have the funds to get this done!

Please help us help the animals and make a difference
We need to clear our outstanding accounts urgently by the end of this month if possible, particularly our vet bill for September is $9386.80, and we only have until the end of November to find the money! We need to pay October’s vet bill too, $10450.25 by Christmas.

Thanks to Your Help, this is what We have achieved this Year

We have helped a number of animals such as our special needs young lady, Sylvie. Sylvie was born with a badly deformed leg. Her owner could not look after her any longer as Sylvie could not get about on her own, so he decided to surrender her to Happy Paws as he knew we would spend the money he could not afford to amputate and fix her leg. She now lives happily as our three-legged cat, in the junior room and climbs up onto the ledge to sit in the sun or up the cat tree to be comfortable on the carpet bed waiting for someone to offer her that special home.

We have a beautiful dog who wanted to be in the next yard to play with some other dogs but there was a colour-bond fence in the way, which had been strengthen and riveted together. He kicked so hard that he kicked it open but lost his balance and cut his leg right open. Alfie is such a beautiful special little man that we made sure he had the very best veterinary treatment and is completely recovered thanks to the wonderful staff at Riverbank Animal Hospital. Now he is running playing with the other dogs and is waiting for his special new home.

Finally in beginning of September a beautiful cat called Noelene was bought in as her owner had abandoned her when they moved. New people moved in with a dog and were afraid for her. She is a very beautiful loving friendly young lady slightly underweight. We suspected she might be pregnant and turned out to be. On October 2nd she gave birth to five beautiful kittens. We were feeding her special mother and baby kitten food, giving extra supplements to help her but the babies took so much out of her that she had to go into hospital on a drip for a few days so that her body could recover. Now she is back, welcomed by her babies and recovering nicely.

Just this year alone, with your help, we have already de-sexed 14 cats, given 22 cats dentals and vaccinated 49 cats. We have also de-sexed 64 dogs, given 8 adult dogs’ dentals and vaccinated 126 dogs and puppies. Due to your wonderful donations, we have been able to give our cats and dogs the care they require enabling them to go to loving new homes. We vet check all our animals as soon as possible after they arrive and treat them medically as required.
On average we spend $1200/week on food, approximately $1400 - $2200 per month on parasite control depending whether it’s a worming month or not, every new animal is micro-chipped as they arrive, wormed, treated for heart worm and de-flead. Nor does it include any maintenance we need to do on the animal enclosures or yards etc.
We are only taking in animals in crisis now, due to our shortage of funds. We balance our intake with our rehoming rate and our capacity to care based on our funding and cash flow.

Please help us to help these animals in need
We urgently need your help to meet a shortfall in funds so that we can continue to care for every animal that turns to us for help.
Holiday season is always the worst time at Happy Paws Haven, but this year’s challenges have been unprecedented so far and have placed a huge strain on our  sanctuary's resources. Litters of puppies in particular arrive on our doorstep as people plan to travel, move and are unable to take their animals with them or can’t find accommodation that allows them to have them.
With your help, no challenge is insurmountable. Happy Paws Haven is so fortunate to have people like you by our side. Your generosity will help sponsor the care of a special animal in our sanctuary like Bridget. It will keep them safe while they wait to be adopted by their future forever family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please make an urgent gift now and help us cope as the winter weather worsens.
When you donate to the Happy Paws Haven today, you are helping us continue the good work that we are doing. From emergency rescue, animals in crisis all the way through to adoption, we are there for animals every step of the way. Please make a gift right now and ask you friends to do the same



We are looking for people who would like to sponsor a task and in return we would happily put your name on the item or ask you to name it for us.
For example:
We need donations/funds urgently to complete this work.
Please help us achieve these goals,
Please donate to enable us continue to care for the animals and to find them new homes!

We have a policy to minimise our impact to our natural environment!
  • we plant approximately 50 native trees and srubs each year

  • we use tank water for all our clean water needs

  • Grey water goes back into to ground
  • Solar power
  • Solar hot water
  • Recycled newspaper for litter
Please help us acheive these goals,
Please donate to help us care for the animals and help them to find new homes!
Remember we don't have paid staff and we are all volunteers.
All funds go directly to the welfare of the animals

We are running out of funds and we really need your help!


'In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.' From: 'The Outermost House' by Henry Beston.


 Where are we?

To find Happy Paws Haven Inc please visit the Google Maps website.
and you can visit us on FaceBook Happy Paws Haven  Page.


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