Thoughts for today about our special animals

If everyone saved just one animal, there would be none left that would need

What a great poem, dedicated to those who rescue and adopt the
little forgotten souls from the pounds.

"I adopted your dog today
The one you left at the pound
The one you had for seven years
and no longer wanted around.

I adopted your dog today
Do you know he's lost weight?
Do you know he's scared and depressed
and has lost all faith?

I adopted your dog today.
he had fleas and a cold,
but don't worry none.
You've unburdened your load.

I adopted your dog today.
Were you having a baby or moving away?
Did you suddenly develop allergies or was
there no reason he couldn't stay?

I adopted your dog today.
he doesn't play or eat much
He's very depressed, but
he will learn again to trust.

I adopted your dog today.
And here he will stay.
He's found his forever home
and a warm bed on which to lay.

I adopted your dog today.
And I will give him all that he could need.
Patience, love, security, and understanding.
Hopefully he will forget your selfish deed."

-Author Unknown

"A wise man regards the life of his animals.."
Proverbs 12:10

"He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. 
We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."
- Immanuel Kant, German Philosopher