Letter from the Editor of Pet Rescue - Cat Power

Letter from the editor

Cat power!

It's a "dog's life" in Australia, with�‚ many people considering themselves 'dog people' and events and outings everywhere for dog lovers. Each day in the media happy�‚ dog�‚ stories take pride of place - we simply love our canine pals.

But�‚ we�‚ think 2009 should be the year of the cat. Why? Because cats in Australia get a bum deal; often lumped in with 'feral pests' in legislation and maligned by their communities�‚ for�‚ simply being homeless orphans. We think cats need an image makeover! And that begins with thinking about the cats of Australia�‚ in the same way we think about dogs � great family pets and worthy of our protection!

Did you know in the UK cats are a favourite companion amongst young singles? That's because cats thrive in apartments and are a great pet for people who work during the day.

During kitten season, pairs can often be adopted with names like "Salt and Pepper" and "James and Dean". They keep each other company and frankly, are pretty damn cute as they grow and play together.

So we hope you enjoy our special 'Community Cat' issue. Even if you consider yourself a 'dog person' check it out � you might just change your mind!


Michelle Williamson