Five tips for a happy cat

Five tips for a happy cat

1. Get them drinking
According to Dr. Marty Becker, author of the book The Ultimate Cat Lover, cats are notorious for not drinking enough water. Their near-chronic state of dehydration contributes to kidney and bladder problems.
Getting cats to drink more can be a key to better health, but you may not need to offer purified water (as is sometimes suggested) to do so - cats like tap water just fine. No matter what kind of water you give your cat, chances are he'll drink more of it if it's kept recirculating, so consider one of several pet drinking fountains on the market.

2. Get them exercising 
Did you know cats can sleep 20 – 22 hours a day? No wonder we have so many fat cats!
Exercising your cat can be as easy as making them work for their meals (check out the many food dispensing cat toys available), or spending some time playing with a laser pointer or remote control mouse to chase around the house.

3. Get them a companion
Contrary to the popular opinion that cats are solitary animals, they actually enjoy the company of another cat.
Two cats, once they accept each other, will run, chase, play, sleep and groom each other while you are at work, and be perfectly happy to spend quality time with their humans in the evening.

4. Get their brains working
Teach your cats tricks. Cats are very smart and if you can give them a reason to want to do those tricks, you will be amazed at what they can learn to do on command. Climbing, jumping through hoops, walking on beams, coming and playing fetch - it's all possible with a little bit of patience and finding out what it is that makes your cat willing to do what you are asking - usually all it takes is a few yummy treats and lots of praise.

5. Get them going vertically
Climbing is very good exercise and excellent entertainment for a cat. There are cat activity centres for those people who are working all day and just don't have the energy to be the initiator of cat activity every night. Also, the tall furniture you can get at cat shows with tunnels and condos make for a great climbing game, as well as a scratching post.