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Current Projects

We have the following major projects that we need significant funds for to complete:

  1. The building of an outside enclosure for our cats
  2. The modification of our cattery 
  3. The building of dog enrichment yards
  4. Gutting the Managers House to become a sick bay and offices
  5. The building of separate volunteer facility
  6. The installation of composting toilets for both the current property and the new one
  7. The installation of solar power on the new property

We need donations/funds urgently to replace our current septic systems with compositing toilets as it is critical to our ability to operate.
We are planning to install composting toilet systems and a grey water absorbtion system instead of the septic 


Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers Needed!

We are as always looking for volunteers who are passionate about animals! Clarence Valley Volunteering has been helping us which has been great! Thank you Trish and those who work with you.
Volunteer work can help people get jobs as it looks good on everyone’s CV if an employer can see that while a person was looking for work thy spent time helping the community. It demonstrates to an employer that the person has a good work ethic especially if the Charity or Community Organisation will give a reference in thanks for the good work done. Happy Paws Haven is always happy to give a reference to those who volunteer and work well with the animals. We also give out a volunteer handbook which can be used as reference material not only while they volunteer here, but for students doing animal studies at TAFE or for volunteers to show a potential employer the type of work carried out here.
We have some specific needs at the moment as we need someone who has good social media strategy development skills, and or content development skills. Ideally they have their own computer and 3-4 hours a week to help us build the strategy and the content to develop relationships with our donors and our adoptees. This can be done remotely.
We need a new bookkeeper with a love for animals and some knowledge of MYOB. Our current Book keeper/Treasurer needs to cut down her hours as she has just moved into a new home and needs time to get everything sorted out and any changes needed made.
We also need people that have handy man/woman skills to help us maintain the facilities. We need people to help with office data entry skills and admin skills.
Finally we need people to help with our fund raisers for the love animals.
We always need additional volunteers to help us care for the animals, walk the dogs, groom the cats and to share their love. Dress in your oldest clothes, jeans and a T-shirt is good, with work boots or sneakers, bring a snack and a drink! Cuddling and playing with the animals is compulsory!
There are all sorts of things that need to be done….
And every bit of help counts! Come and visit to see what we do!
Come and help us with the animals and/or fundraising for their care!

Sponsor a Dog Bed

Sponsor a Dog Bed!

Our Dogs need new beds. We have found a bed that can survive the riggours of most dogs and it has lasted for at least 12 years now and seems to have many more to go. 

Each of the Tampoline Dog Beds cost approximately $185.00 and we need 10 beds, so grab a group of people ( friends and/or work collegues) pass around the hat or have a sausage sizzle and sponsor a bed. We will write you Groups name on the bed and email a photo of your bed with your name or names on it!

See how many beds  your team can sponsor!