We Exist to Save Cats and Dogs and to put Them into Loving Forever Homes

Every donation, no matter how small or large, will help to save the life of a neglected, abused or abandoned companion animal and pay for their up keep while they are in care!

Give a Life Saving Gift to the animals in our care! 



 Our WISH List

As a non-profit facility, we rely heavily on donations, grants, bequests, membership dues, gifts-in-kind and fundraising events. Like every non-profit, we always have a "wish list" and welcome any and all gifts.

We need:

  • Furnish our cat areas
  • finish our outside cat enclosure
  • complete dog accommodation at 162b
  • Awning over the new Dog Accommodation in the top yard
  • enrichment yards for the dogs
  • Warm swimming pool for dogs with arthritis or hip displasia 
  • News Papers
  • Cat and dog toys
  • Cleaning materials and supplies
  • Scratching posts
  • Composting toilet system
  • Volunteer rest area
  • Large front loading washing machines
  • Two Electric Stoves
  • A ride on lawn mower
  • Manpower to help around the haven, to promote our animals for re-homing and assist with fundraising.











Making a Bequest

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, the HappyPaws Haven relies upon community support for its continued existence.

Without bequests in the past, HappyPaws Haven would be unable to provide the current level of facilities and services which benefit the hundreds of animals assisted annually at the Sanctuary.

HappyPaws Haven is committed to achieving its Charter, which is ‘to rescue, desex, rehabilitate, rehome and educate for the well being of cats and dogs making a significant difference to their lives while in our care and beyond’.  It believes that every animal deserves a ‘fair go’, including the opportunity of being adopted into a caring home.

A gift in your Will to HappyPaws Haven will continue your support of animals, and will help HappyPaws Haven to maintain its high standards of animal care and welfare.

To make a bequest, what do I do?
Consult a solicitor to ensure that your intentions are clear. 
Correct wording must be used,
Correct title of ‘HappyPaws Haven Inc’ is stated, registered office at 140 Tindal Road, Eatonsville, NSW 2460.

Your bequest could include a specific sum of money, property, shares or possessions.  Many people choose ‘the proportion of residue’ option. 
You to give your family, friends and charity the proportion or percentage of your estate that you decide.

It is suggested to include the following:

‘I  BEQUEATH to HappyPaws Haven Inc of 140 Tindal Road, Eatonsville, for the general purpose of the Association   (here, insert the sum of the bequest, or a statement defining the bequest)   free of all duties and taxes payable at my death, AND I DECLARE that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the Association shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustee(s).’

If you would like further information about Happy Paws Haven Inc, or would like to discuss any proposed bequest, please telephone the Shelter and ask for a Sally Rogers to contact you.

Who will care for my pets when I die ?

If you choose to make a substantial bequest to HappyPaws Haven in your Will then Happy Paws Haven will accept full responsibility for your much loved pet(s) if required.

Cats can become residents of the sanctuary whilst dogs will be placed in carefully selected and monitored foster homes.  However, Happy Paws Haven will remain the official owner of the pet(s), and will be responsible for the on-going care of your pet(s).

Visitors to the HappyPaws Haven are very welcome.  please ring the Sanctuary for an appointment if you wish to inspect its facilities and observe the lifestyle of its contented residents.