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Who are we?

Happy Paws Haven is a no-kill animal rescue and rehoming centre in Northern NSW which provides adoption or re-homing services throughout Australia. At Happy Paws Haven our primary focus is on the animals in our care. Our NSW Rehoming Number is R251000043.

We are an essential part of the community which is demonstrated by:

  • Our work with schools and colleges,
  • We are run by volunteers
  • We provide the ability for community service
  • We provide work experience
  • We assist families with animals in crisis,
  • We educate the community about responsible pet ownership. 
We are passionate about caring for our animals, ensuring they get the best nutrition, socialised with people and other animals, receive the best vet care in a loving and enriching environment until they get a wonderful home no matter how long that takes.​
Are you special?
Can you help us today?

Please contribute to our care today!


Like many others, we're in a tough situation right now with volunteer shortages due to the coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. And we provide a critical service to animals that must continue. We have reduced our numbers to less than 100 animals in our sanctuary to reduce our cost of opporation so that we care provide the care required. In order to ensure that we have enough volunteers to care for the animals, we need your help.

The care, rehabilitation and rehoming of these animals are so important and so urgent that it is worth your time and your money to help us.  We are devoting our whole lives to doing this for them.  We asking you to devote some of your resources to our our critical work too, Please contribute to our cause.
Please help us get as many animals adopted fast! Waiting out the next few weeks in a shelter or sanctuary isn't good for animals, nor for the thinly stretched staff working tirelessly to care for them! Animals and their loving adopters, need each other at this time and will be much happier if they're home together comforting each other during these trying times. We need adopters more than ever before - please click here to view animals available for adoption at Happy Paws Haven, look for "Find a Cat" or "Find a Dog" above on the tree!
Happy Paws Haven is open by appointment only so we can limit the number of people visiting our sanctuary at any one time. Please ring to make an appointment 0266449936 or 0419404766, please do not just turn up.
We are not open for those just wanting to visit at this time, please forgive us but for the safety of the community we must practice social distancing procedures and protocols.
We are not able to take any surrenders at this time, we are only taking animals in crisis. We need to be able to help the animals for those in hospital, suffering domestic volence or have passed away at this critical time.
We need help with donations to provide this service and we need volunteers to help us prepare and care for these special animals in need.
P.S. Please do not come to Happy Paws Haven if you are sick in any way it is not fair on those of us who are caring for these animals in need.

For those out there lets join a prayer circle and pray for the good of the animals and the survival of Happy Paws Haven.
This is a very critical time for us at the moment!
 DONATE help in this very worthwhile cause.
The only non kill animal sanctuary
 between Newcastle and Tweed Heads! 

Our BSB is 633-000 and the account No. is 130786031.
The Account Name is Happy Paws Haven.
The account is with the Bendigo Bank, South Grafton Branch.

A tax deductible receipt will be sent for all contributions to our care.
We would like your contact details for the receipt.
Name, address and email as a minimum.

Please help us make a difference to the animals in our care 

Urgent! Please contribute to our care today!

All contributions go directly to support  the animals and the powerful work done by Happy Paws Haven 
Last Year with your help we made a difference to over 150 cats and dogs by finding them loving forever homes.

This year so far has been a very difficult one for Happy Paws Haven and we are struggling now to stay afloat financially. Last year we had the drought, buying water every second week. Then we had the bush fires, then the river nearly flooded and now we have the Coronavirus. We know it is hard for everyone.

Normally our vet bill consists of anticipated expenses such as vaccinations, animal checks, dentals, heart worm checks and desexing. Because we are a no kill sanctuary, we invest in the lives of all our animals. But this year it has come at a substantial cost.
Over the many years HPH has operated, we have rehomed thousands of animals and we have remained viable. But the financial demands of recent times is making it extremely hard for us to continue.
We need your assistance to get us through this extraordinary environment and time. It is all about the animals and we want to keep being there for them. The animals need to have the best we can give, all funds are from the generous contribution of our donors and we are primarily run by volunteers.
If everyone just donated $2 or $5 and they also asked their friends to do the same, we would be able to get our vet bills up to date and to hopefully renovate the facilities for the dogs and cats which they deserve.

With your help we have desexed all those who have arrived recently, vet checked them all, vaccinated them all, they are regularly treated for parasites, and protected against heartworm bearing mosquitoes. We really appreciate the help given to us by everyone. All have been vet checked regularly by a vet at Happy Paws Haven, our vets come regularly throughout the year. 

You and your charitable donation will help us continue the critical hands-on work we do for the animals that come through our doors.
Please continue to help us by making a generous contribution today and together we will further our no-kill work during this coming winter and well into the future.


But we have a problem we need your help to continue.

We get so many requests for help but we just cannot help everyone!
We have limited resources so have to manage our intake with our capacity to care!

We are asking all our friends and supporters to Sponsor an animal, donate towards their care, or give their time to help us by hosting a fund raising event for these beautiful abandoned animals and to help educate them and those with pets. As you know, we are a not-for-profit no-kill animal welfare organisation who cares and re-homes cats and dogs through-out Australia. 

Our BSB is 633-000 and the account No. is 130786031.
The Account Name is Happy Paws Haven.
The account is with the Bendigo Bank, South Grafton Branch.

A tax deductible receipt will be sent for all donations.
We would like your contact details for the receipt.
Name, address and email as a minimum.

 We’d like to show you some of the heartwarming magic you’ve helped bring to the lives of many homeless pets. We have dedicated Facebook page where we invite all those who have adopted from us to share their heartwarming stories of their beautiful pets who they have given a second chance at life! It is called "I adopted from Happy Paws Haven and saved a life". We invite you to have a look! Enjoy the stories of those who also cared and gave a new life to those in our care.

Please contribute to our care urgently so that all animals have a second chance at happiness 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please make an urgent gift now! 

We are only taking in animals in crisis now, due to our shortage of funds. We balance our intake with our rehoming rate and our capacity to care based on our funding and cash flow.

Please help us to help these animals in need

When you contribute to the Happy Paws Haven today, you are helping us continue the good work that we are doing. From emergency rescue, animals in crisis all the way through to adoption, we are there for animals every step of the way. Please make a gift right now and ask you friends to do the same

  • We are looking for people who would like to sponsor a task and in return we would happily put your name on the item or ask you to name it for us.

We have a policy to minimise our impact to our natural environment!
  • we plant approximately 50 native trees and shrubs each year

  • we use tank water for all our clean water needs

  • Grey water goes back into to ground
  • Solar power
  • Solar hot water
  • Recycled newspaper for litter

Please donate to help us care for the animals and help them to find new homes!

Our BSB is 633-000 and the account No. is 130786031.
The Account Name is Happy Paws Haven.
The account is with the Bendigo Bank, South Grafton Branch.

A tax deductible receipt will be sent for all donations.
We would like your contact details for the receipt.
Name, address and email as a minimum.

All funds go directly to the welfare of the animals



'In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.' From: 'The Outermost House' by Henry Beston.


 Where are we?

To find Happy Paws Haven Inc please visit the Google Maps website and you can visit us on FaceBook Happy Paws Haven  Page.

Happy Paws Haven Inc
ABN: 79 928 920 087
Inc: 9887391   CFN: 23496
Rehoming No: R251000043




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