Trampoline Dog Beds

What is so good about our products? What makes them so very special? In a single word - QUALITY.

In the 32 years since we first pioneered the "elevated" dog bed in Australia we have never compromised quality for cost. We believe that a quality product is used and remembered long after the price is forgotten.

For example, we don't just use ordinary "run of the mill" galvanized steel tube in our rectangular beds. We use "galtube plus" or "galtube ultra" which is zinc-coated on the inside as well as on the outside. We don't just use ordinary steel rivets in our big rectangular beds - we use stainless steel rivets.

Look at any other dog bed on the market. Can you find one made without the fabric or mesh passing over the outer frame of the bed? Most unlikely, because it is cheaper to make beds like that. On all our beds the outer frame is solid steel - far less likelihood of being chewed or being damaged through normal wear and tear. Our beds use only a heavy duty Australian made cotton blend canvas which will repel water but still "breathe" to allow air to circulate -a far cry in terms of quality and cost from cheap imported hessian or jute canvas or even jute bags and cheap plastic mesh.

How many other beds will offer you a guaranteed weight carrying capacity? Or stand up to a Mastiff, a St.Bernard, an Irish Wolfhound, a Newfoundland, a Great Dane or a Pyrenean Mountain Dog? Or two German Shepherds? Or two Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

We believe that we make the best, strongest and most durable dog beds in Australia and we are proud to now be able to offer our products on the Internet.

Finally, a few very important points to remember. Unlike many other beds on the market our beds are a proven product having been marketed continuously since 1975 and they are the only pet product of its kind ever to have won an Australian Design Award. And unlike many other beds on the market spare parts are available for every size or type of genuine "Trampoline" Dog Bed ever made by us. We value our customers and give prompt and personal service at all times.