Happy Paws Friends

A list of organisations and sites that we feel are incredibly important to anyone interested in adopting an animal.

Riverbank Veterinary Hospital

At Riverbank Veterinary Clinic our animal companions are an integral part of our families and our work. We do everything possible to assure the best opportunity for our patient’s health and a long life. Based in The Clarence Valley, Northern New South Wales, we aim to provide for all of your pet care needs. We are the only veterinary practice in the Grafton area that deals exclusively with dogs, cats and other small pets.

Cat friendly flowers for cats friendly owners

Cat-Friendly Flowers for Cat-Friendly Owners, provides a comprehensive list of flowering plants and cooking herbs that are completely safe for our fur-babies. It describes how they look and can be used in cooking and flower arrangements. Super useful for pet owners who have green thumbs.Here is a link to the guide for you to check out.

Medical First Aid & CPR for Pets

Pets bring love and joy into the lives of their owners. In exchange, most animal lovers want to provide their pets with the best care possible by giving them a home and taking care of their medical needs. Caring for a favorite cat or dog means more than regular visits to the vet, however. It also means knowing what to do when a pet is injured. In an emergency situation, it's important to understand what it takes to stabilize and even resuscitate one's pet until it can receive the professional care it needs.

Animal Justice Party

The Animal Justice Party has been formed as a response to growing public concern about the neglect of animals and animal protection issues by political parties. It will give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. It will provide a focal point for voters frustrated by the lack of political action and who feel strongly that much more needs to be done through our parliamentary systems to assist the wellbeing of animals. There is a need for laws and processes which recognise animals’ needs and capabilities and which protect their interests, whether they are domestic, farmed or wild. The Animal Justice Party will also ensure such laws and processes are properly enforced and implemented to achieve genuine justice for animals.

The Definitive Dental Health Guide for Pets

Have you ever tried to open your dog or cat's mouth? Maybe it was to insert a medication or to grab something out of its mouth, like a clump of hair or piece of carpet fiber. How well did that go? The thought of brushing our pet's teeth doesn't give us any warm and fuzzy feelings. And most pets are not thrilled to have someone's fingers invading their mouths. It can be a traumatic experience for the both of us. But our pets still need good dental health, whether they like it or not.

USA Pet Cost Calculator

TheSimpleDollar.com team has just wrapped up their 2016 study and published a comprehensive resource to help people not only understand, but to quantify the real cost of pet ownership. Often times, people are enamored with the idea of having a cute animal, but are unaware of the costs that are associated with taking care of a pet and being a responsible pet owner. From basics to logistics, the costs can add up quickly. This guide not only identifies common expenses, but provides helpful cost management strategies including a calculator to help estimate pet ownership costs. The hope is that more people will make smarter, well informed decisions when buying a pet so every animal can receive the love and care it deserves. TheSimpleDollar.com was created to help people make truly better decisions by clearly laying out their options with content topics spearheaded by leading industry professionals. Because of their unbiased approach, they have been a trusted source for government entities and organizations throughout the US. They are also proud to be one of Googles Experts. Many publications and businesses already use their guides as resources for their readers.


Dogmovers, The Pet Transport People Professional and caring transport by road for all pets and small domestic animals. Phone: 07 5530 2710 email: info@dogmovers.com.au

Animal Rights & Rescue Group

The Animal Rights and Rescue Group is a non-profit volunteer organisation. We rescue homeless or unwanted animals, provide them with care and shelter until suitable homes can be found for them. ARRG is a registered charity that was formed in 1995, following the closing of the RSPCA branch in the region. ARRG is a small group of dedicated people who work tirelessly to help the unwanted, injured and neglected animals. The group works seven days a week and is always urgently in need of committed volunteers and foster carers.

Animal People Online

ANIMAL PEOPLE is the leading independent newspaper providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide. Founded in 1992, ANIMAL PEOPLE has no alignment or affiliation with any other entity. A leading independent newspaper providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide. The readership of 30,000+ includes the decision-makers at more than 8,300 animal protection organizations

Animal Liberation

Animal Liberation is an animal rights charity founded in 1976 by Christine Townend, based on the philosophies of Professor Peter Singer, as set out in his worldwide best-selling book Animal Liberation.

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue

The dogs in our rescue program are usually brought to our attention by the staff of the Department of Animal Services or RSPCA shelters. They are noticed by the staff who feel that they have potential and would make a good pet for someone. They are assessed by us with people, other dogs and various other animals to ensure a sound temperament before the decision is made to foster and eventually place them in a caring new home. The dog is then checked by a vet, heartworm tested and given any medical treatment required. All dogs stay with a foster carer for at least one week during which time they are vaccinated, wormed, spayed or neutered and given a flea and tick treatment. This time gives the foster carer time to evaluate the dogs personality and to assess it's special needs so that it can be matched to the ideal home.

ACT Rescue & Foster

ACT Rescue And Foster Fidy Says ACT Rescue and Foster (ARF) Inc. is an incorporated association of people in the Canberra (Australia) and surrounding region who rescue dogs from euthanasia and foster them temporarily in our own homes for as long as it takes to find them loving, permanent homes.

Animal Welfare League (AWL) SA

Please visit their web page for further information.


For many, pets are considered to be family members. This is why special consideration should be given when making choices concerning smoking. Second-hand smoke is a danger to the heart and lungs of your pets, as well.

Cat Protection Society of NSW

Today, the Cat Protection Society is a charitable association with modern premises at 103 Enmore Road Newtown. Facilities include an adoption centre, welfare services, information and products to keep your cat happy and healthy. Sadly, we still have to deal with unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens but with your help and greater community awareness, we can continue to work to improve their lives. Every cat deserves a loving and responsible home! Facilities include an adoption centre, welfare services, information and products to keep your cat happy and healthy. Sadly, we still have to deal with unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens but with your help and greater community awareness, we can continue to work to improve their lives. Every cat deserves a loving and responsible home!

Grafton Dog Obedience Club

This club serves the community by providing basic, intermediate and advanced levels of training for all dogs reguarless of their breeding. Happypaws Haven endevours to attend training classes at this club so that all the dogs in care are better socialise and have some basic training while they are waiting to be rehomed.

HappyPaws Haven Link and Logo

Happy Paws Haven is an animal rescue and rehoming centre in the Clarence Valley and Coffs Harbour in Northern NSW which provides adoption or re-homing services throughout Australia. At Happy Paws Haven our primary focus is on the animals in our care. HappyPaws Haven website is a web based resource for rescue groups and members of the public needing assistance in the re-homing of their animals.

Canine Cancer Awareness

An Australian website dedicated to the education of dog owners on canine cancer. This disease will affect one in three dogs and the material on the website is supported by Australian veterinary oncologists who are also answering the forum.

Should you get a pet or not?

Petsecure is working with veterinarians and animal shelters across Australia to promote responsible pet ownership. One of the really fun projects we've been working on recently is a resource to help people decide whether to get a pet: This resource includes in depth: 1. Benefits of pet ownership 2. Common questions about pet ownership 3. A big section on Are You Prepared to Own a Pet? 4. How to Prepare to Bring a Pet Home 5. Some inspiring pet stories.

Greyhound Polo Neck Coats

Beautifully made Greyhound Polo Neck Coats One size fits all. All coats made with pure wool blanket inserts Coats have material ties (no velcro). Coats cost the low, low price of $30 plus postage ( if applicable ). To place your order for these wonderful coats call the phone number below or email to the address below. Contact : Lynn Phone : (03) 5996 7845 Email : justice_burridge@bigpond.com

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue

Most of these dogs come to us from deathrow but some are surrendered for various reasons - moving, marriage breakup, death etc. Please helps these find another home.

Harry Reimer's One-Stop Auto

Reimers One Stop Auto 3 Brickworks Lane SouthGrafton NSW 2460 0266435079 New Tyres, Automotive mechanics, One Stop Auto Service Shop

Purina Pet Foods

At PURINA, it's no secret that pets are our passion. It drives everything we do. In fact, our commitment to dogs, cats and their owners has made us a world leader in pet care and we're pretty proud of that.

Belgian Shepherd Club of NSW

Belgians Shepherds are a fun-loving, loyal, intelligent breed of dog who thrive on attention. They love to be with you whether going for a drive, to the park, socialising with other dogs or just sitting by your side as your constant companion and protector. They are a working breed so they require regular exercise and mental stimulation. They excel in just about anything; family companion, obedience, agility, confirmation ring, herding, search and rescue, drug & bomb detection, even as seeing eye dogs.

NSW Pounds

Impounded Animals In NSW, all microchipped pets have 14 days to be claimed Non-chipped animals have 7 days Most face euthanasia at the end of this time. Please visit Rescue Rex today.

The Daily Examiner

The Daily Examiner in 2004 celebrated 145 years of continuous publication, making it one of the oldest regional daily newspapers in Australia. The Examiner, a community-minded Monday to Saturday tabloid, also boasts one of the fastest growing circulations in New South Wales. Employing more than 30 full-time staff in Grafton, Maclean and Yamba, the company also produces a vibrant free weekly paper, Coastal Views, delivered to Clarence Valley households on Fridays.

The Pet Directory

The Pet Directory is known as the "Who's Who" of the Pet Industry. The Pet Directory is a print and web publication. We provide a directory of pet related products and services for the pet industry and the pet owning public. The Pet Directory lists breeders, dog and cat boarding, dog walking and pet minding, veterinarians, animal rescue and welfare organisations, dog, cat, bird and horse trainers, dog walkers, pet friendly accommodation, dog off leash areas, pet shops and aquarium shops, dog groomers, dog grooming equipment, dog grooming courses and other pet related courses.

Barnetts Creations - Dog Jumpers, T-shirts and PJs

Beautifully made dog PJs, Jackets, Jumpers and T-shirts can be purchased at BarnettsCreations EBay Store. The clothes for dogs are warm polar fleece jackets and pajamas for your dog xsall to xlarge or made to order. There are lots of different cute t-shirts with screen printing on them, black with security is always popular especially for little dogs. Very pretty jackets with fur trim collars , Halloween costumes and Santa Suits are also available.

Bayer Animal Care

Major Sponsor providing flea and worming solutions to HappyPaws Haven, HappyPaws Haven recommends Advocate, Advantage , Drontal and Profender for all cats and dogs

Dogs Across Australia

Dogs Across Australia was established in 2006. We link to and promote some 40 citizen-initiated 'No Kill' Rescue Shelters. These shelters are springing up around the country in response to local/state government's apparent inability to facilitate programs that would prevent the current "kill system". Continuing community involvement is crucial if this archaic system is ever to be replaced with one that respects dogs as sentient creatures and not marketable commodities.

Greyhound Rescue

Greyhound Rescue is a small, non profit, Australian organisation run by Janet and Peter and works under the umbrella of the charity DABS, one of the longest running small animal rescues in Sydney. At the time of writing we have fifteen greyhounds looking for homes, some with foster carers but also some in paid kennels, costing $100 per dog per week, so we urgently need help to pay for these kennels.

Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW

Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL) is Australia’s second largest animal welfare charity comprising of 2 animal shelters and 14 branches of volunteers state wide. AWL takes an active role in government boards and committees, which review, formulate and develop animal welfare legislation. Since the organisation’s inception in 1958, AWL continues to be a leader in current practice relating to animal welfare issues.